Yo, it’s time we talk about THOT, dawg.
No, i’m not talking about your sister this time.
I’m talking Tomato, Hot Sauce, Onion, and a Toasted bun to compliment a thick, juicy hot dog.
In honor of the month of July, America, Trump, and National Hot Dog Day, i’m bringing you…


This isn’t much of a recipe, unless you’re one of those douce bags who get’s their “recipes” off some fucking Facebook vlog (scum). This is more of an assembly. An assembly of THOT.

To start off with these things MUST be grilled. If you start coming at me with that microwave bullshit, I swear I will come after you just like I did THOT when she mistook my mans ass for a stress ball.

Now….set up ya grill. Get a nice hot bed of coals. THOT thinks she’s hot like these coals, but we know better. She’s more rachet than this here grill.Grilling

Grill up ya favorite dogs until they’re done to your liking. Just keep them away from THOT. She’s been known to DT a plate of wieners faster than you can say “ho ho hold up, bitch”.Hot Dogs

Once you’re dog is plump, hot, throbbing, and juicy, thow a bun on the grill to toast it up. Just watch out for THOT. She’s always got to have her hands in some buns.

Grilling Meat
*Hand model credit: Tiny Tina

When you have your bun nice and toasty, throw the dog in there and top it with your favorite hot sauce, some diced onion, and diced tomato. Foodie

You’ll blow through this thing faster than THOT through the entire varsity football team.

I’m aware that this photo contains a hotdog with lettuce and bacon bits.  Deal with it.


-Hot dog
-Hot Dog Bun
-Hot Sauce
-Tomato (diced)
-Onion (diced)

Grill your hot dog. Remove from grill and set aside (keep an eye on THOT tho…). Open up your bun and place it (open side down) on the grill for about a minute, or until toasted to desired darkness. Remove the bun from the grill and place the hot dog in the bun. Top the hot dog with hot sauce, diced onion, and diced tomato.

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